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RCR Program Descriptions
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The following responsible conduct of research (RCR) projects were supported by the National Postdoctoral Association's (NPA) "Bring RCR Home" project. They provide a range of approaches for providing RCR training for postdocs, with specific emphasis on addressing the particular needs and perspectives of the postdoctoral scholar. Among these perspectives are the cultural diversity among predominantly international postdocs, the frequent lack of official standing for postdocs in their institutional community, and the implications of short-term appointments on data and project ownership. The NPA encourages creative approaches for engaging postdocs in RCR topics, such as integrating them with training in other critical professional skills like the various components of lab management. For additional tips on designing RCR programs for postdocs, consult the NPA's RCR toolkit.

There will be no 2009 Bring RCR Home seed grant competition.


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Michigan State University

"Extending the Horizon by Communicating with Postdoctoral Trainees about RCR"
Primary Contact: Terry A. May, Graduate School Staff Associate and Faculty Conflict of Interest Information Officer



Oak Ridge Associated Universities

"Oak Ridge Associated Universities RCR Program for Postdocs"
Primary Contact: Marisa Moazen, Education Project Manager


San Diego Postdoctoral Training Consortium: Burnham Institute for Medical Research, Salk Institute of Biological Sciences, The Scripps Research Institute, and University of California, San Diego

"San Diego Lab Management Course"
Primary Contact: Huong Huynh, Program Coordinator, Office of Postdoctoral and Graduate Training, Burnham Institute for Medical Research


Stevens Institute of Technology

"Responsible Conduct of Research Training Program for Postdoctoral Research Community"
Primary Contact: Siva Thangam, Dean of Academic Administration and Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Syracuse University

"Syracuse University Postdoctoral Seminar Series on Responsible Conduct of Research"
Primary Contact: Derina S. Samuel, Associate Director, Professional Development Programs, Graduate School


Tufts University

"Bringing RCR Home to Tufts Postdocs"
Primary Contact: Jeanne Fahey, Postdoctoral Officer and Professor of Pharmacology


University at Buffalo, SUNY

"Postdoc Survival Skills"
Primary Contact: Marilyn Morris, Associate Dean, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars

Powerpoint presentation about the U at Buffalo program: Morris RCR Presentation

University Health Network

"University Health Network RCR Program for Postdocs"
Primary Contact: Minnie Kim, Program Administrator, Centre for Research Education and Training


University of California, Irvine

"UCI Community of Postdoctoral Scholars"
Primary Contact: Barbara Hamkalo, Professor Emeritus, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


University of California, Los Angeles Society of Postdoctoral Scholars

"UCLA Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Program for Postdoctoral Scholars"
Primary Contact: Sarah Warburton, Postdoctoral Fellow and President, Society of Postdoctoral Scholars


University of California, San Diego

"Incorporating Lessons of RCR into Scientific Writing"
Primary Contact: Jennifer Oh, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs


University of Cincinnati Postdoctoral Association

"Enhancing Postdoctoral RCR Training Using Technology to Open New Lines of Communication"
Primary Contact: Jamie Titus, Postdoctoral Fellow and Representative, UC Postdoctoral Association


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Biomedical Research Ethics Train-the-Trainer Course for Postdoctoral Scholars"
Primary Contact: Sibby Anderson-Thompkins, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affair


University of South Alabama

"Postdoctoral Training at the University of South Alabama: Incorporating RCR in the Pathway to Independence"
Primary Contact: Mary Townsley, Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs


University of South Florida

"Enhancing Postdoctoral Professional Development (EP2D) and USF"
Primary Contact: Michael Barber, Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs


University of Tennessee Health Science Center Postdoc Association

"UTPhDA: Research Conduct, Ethics & Management Workshop"
Primary Contacts: Ian Brooks, Postdoctoral Fellow and Chair, UTHSC Postdoc Association, and Dianna A. Johnson, Associate Vice-Chancellor and Director, Postdoc Office


University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Association

"Bringing RCR Home for Postdocs at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center"
Primary Contact: Hui Zhao, Postdoctoral Fellow and Executive Committee Member, MD Anderson Postdoctoral Association

Powerpoint presentation about the MD Anderson program: Zhao RCR Presentation

Wake Forest University

"Bring RCR Home to Post-doctoral Scholars at Wake Forest University"
Primary Contact: David Lyons, Assistant Director, Office of Research, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Powerpoint presentation about the Wake Forest program: Peiffer RCR Presentation



Brown University

"'Bringing Home RCR' for Postdoctoral Trainees at Brown University"
Primary Contact: Nancy Thompson, Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Division of Biology and Medicine


Howard University

"Howard University Responsible Conduct of Research Course For Postdocs"
Primary Contact: William Eckberg, Associate Dean, Office of Educational and Research Affairs


Indiana University Bloomington

"Creation of an RCR-training program for postdoctoral associates, a vehicle to initiate a postdoctoral support apparatus at Indiana University, Bloomington"
Primary Contact: Maxine Watson, Associate Dean, The University Graduate School


Massachusetts General Hospital Postdoctoral Association (MGPA)

"Communication and Difficult Conversations"
Primary Contact: Ayguen Sahin, Postdoctoral Fellow and Board Member, MGPA


Powerpoint presentation about the MGPA program: Sahin RCR Presentation

Medical University of South Carolina

"MUSC International Scholars Orientation Program"
Primary Contact: Edward Krug, Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs, College of Graduate Studies


Powerpoint presentation about the MUSC program: Krug RCR Presentation

Stanford University Postdoctoral Scholars Organization (SUPD)

"'Soft' skills for post-docs -- transition into a job successfully"
Primary Contact: Alison McGuigan, Postdoctoral Fellow and Co-Chair, SUPD


Powerpoint presentation about the SUPD program: McGuigan RCR Presentation


The Pennsylvania State University

"Laboratory Management and RCR Strategies for Postdocs"
Primary Contact: Mark Wardell, Associate Dean and Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, The Graduate School


The University of Iowa

"Developing an Effective Responsible Conduct of Research Program in Perinatal Biology for Postdoctoral Trainees"
Primary Contact: John Widness, Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Neonatology Fellowship Program


The University of Kansas

"University of Kansas Postdoc Brown Bag Lunch Series on Responsible Conduct of Research"
Primary Contact: John Augusto, Research Training Coordinator, Office for Research and Graduate Studies



University of Pennsylvania

"Scientific Integrity: A Training Seminar on Conflicts in Research and Education"
Primary Contact: Connie Ulrich, Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Nursing



University of Pittsburgh

"Insider's View on Responsible Conduct: An Interactive Forum for Emerging Investigators to Explore Contemporary Issues in Academia, Industry, Government, and Beyond…"

Primary Contact: Steven Wendell, Assistant Director, Office of Academic Career Development



University of Washington

"Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research Programs for Postdocs at the University of Washington"
Primary Contact: Thomas Gething, Associate Dean and Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs


Powerpoint presentation about the UW program: Gething RCR Presentation


The Bring RCR Home seed grants are no longer available. 

NPA's "Bring RCR Home" project offered seed grants of up to $1000 to help support the establishment of RCR programs directed at postdocs. Programs could be brand new or can expand upon existing programs so long as they address the particular needs and perspectives of the postdoctoral scholar.


The competition was open to all postdoctoral offices and associations. Attendees at the 2007 and 2008 training workshops are given favorable consideration in the grant competition. Applicants need not be members of the NPA.  Applications from research institutions without a formal organization dedicated to postdocs will also be considered.

Application Information

Applications are submitted online and should include a description of the proposed program as well as the institutional support. Prospective applicants should consider the type of program they would like to deliver, which RCR topic(s) would be included, how the program will benefit and attract postdocs as well as how the seed grant can provide a foundation for future programming.

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