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Below are a few words from our members about the NPA and what it means to them. If you are an NPA member and would like to share your testimony about the NPA, click here.

In Their Own Words

"In 2003, the National Postdoctoral Association was established to provide a national platform to voice the systemic problems faced by postdocs. In addition to hosting an annual meeting that brings together representatives of PDAs from across the country, the NPA is provides guidelines, training and site visits to assist institutions. The gains made in the past few years to enhance the postdoc experience can be attributed to the grassroots campaigning by these associations."

--From Editorial, Nature Cell Biology, volume 8/number 7/July 2006

"The NPA provides a resource and unified voice for all postdoctoral scholars nationwide regardless of discipline. By offering a wide array of services including the POSTDOCket newsletter, the NPA has allowed me to stay abreast of the improvements in postdoctoral training, many of which have been spearheaded by the NPA itself!"
Tristan Fiedler, Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY

"The NPA is a very useful site especially for those in administration and policy. It is great to have a national voice for an otherwise underrepresented population of the workforce."
--Member Satisfaction Survey Respondent

"The NPA has made great strides in giving postdocs a true name and voice on the national level."
--Member Satisfaction Survey Respondent

"You and your staff have had a profound positive impact on postdoctoral education and those of us who work with postdocs appreciate all that you do."
--Ronald Drobney, Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

"The NPA's recommendations for postdoctoral policies and practices have been implemented by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. These guidelines support the creation of our postdoctoral office, career development services, family-friendly benefits, the minimum baseline stipend, as well as retirement programs and assistance with international issues. Having the NPA recommend these practices goes a long way in having institutions adopt them!"

--Tristan Fiedler, Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY



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