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Dues Structure and Membership Options

This group membership is available to all organizations that serve the postdoc community such as postdoctoral associations, postdoctoral offices, universities, agencies, and other institutions. For more on membership, please read Article II in our Bylaws on Membership.

Benefits Overview


As a Sustaining Member of the NPA, you are entitled to these benefits:

Corporate Sustaining Members click here for information on that membership category.

  • Free Affiliate Memberships for your postdocs, faculty, and staff;
  • Substantial discounts on NPA Annual Meeting registration fees;
  • Subscription to NPA E-Alerts, a periodic news announcement, and the POSTDOCket, the NPA’s official quarterly newsletter;
  • Access to members-only NPA web content and features including the Institutional Postdoctoral Policies Database, The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Toolkit, and portions of the International Postdoc Survival Guide;
  • Introduction to NPA Partners Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc., and Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC.
  • Option to join the NPA  Membership Community, a valuable tool to interact and communicate with colleagues from other Sustaining organizations;
  • Opportunities to serve and contribute your expertise on a variety of NPA committees
  • Discounts to products and services;
  • Ability to select one representative who will be granted full rights as a voting member;
  • Promotion and a direct link to your organization’s website;
  • Recognition in the quarterly POSTDOCket newsletter; and
  • National representation on postdoctoral issues (follow this link to read about some of the NPA's efforts).


Sustaining Member benefit from SciPhD: Read about it here.


Click here for further details on Sustaining Member benefits.


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Dues Options

Dues Structure and Membership Options (Follow this link for FAQs about the new structure.)
Effective January 1, 2012

Hardship Waiver Application Form (In regard to the 2012 increase in dues for Sustaining Members)

Membership Category

One Year

Two Year*

Professional Societies and Organizations $300 $540
Postdoctoral Associations $600 $1,080
Postdoc Offices/Institutional with 1 to 100 Postdocs** $500 $900
Postdoc Offices/Institutional with 101 to 250 Postdocs** $750 $1,350
Postdoc Offices/Institutional with 251 to 500 Postdocs** $1,000 $1,800
Postdoc Offices/Institutional with 501 to 750 Postdocs** $1,250 $2,250
Postdoc Offices/Institutional with 751 to 1000 Postdocs** $1,500 $2,700
Postdoc Offices/Institutional with more than 1000 Postdocs** $1,750 $3,150
Corporate Partners $2,000 $3,600

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* The NPA offers a 20% discount on the second year of membership for two-year memberships.

**Organizations that conduct research and employ postdoctoral scholars to do so are eligible for this membership category.


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