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Volume 16, Issue 3 (March 2018)

Time’s Up for Harassers in Academia

Erika Marín-Spiotta and Blair Schneider


“Academia is having a slow but consistent #MeToo movement, with stories of sexual harassment increasingly coming to light. In an effort to transform the workplace, Erika Marín-Spiotta, Ph.D. and Blair Schneider, Ph.D., along with five other colleagues, are leading ADVANCEGeo.”

Amplifying Voices and Building a National Community of Postdocs

Caleb McKinney and Claire Horner-Devine


Amplifying Voices, aims to provide a national platform to highlight the individual experiences and perspectives of postdoctoral scholars with a focus on amplifying the voices of individuals from groups underrepresented in our community.”

Mentoring for Mutual Benefit: A Profile on 2018 Mentor Award Winner Leanne Redman

Christopher Smith


“In the end, mentoring is often circular – a positive feedback loop – where a mentor’s work, if done well, results in the development of new, independent researchers who then contribute to the advancement of the scientific enterprise for all.”

Inter-Institutional Collaborations at NPA Annual Meetings Nurtured the Boston Postdoctoral Association

Sarah Dykstra, Tony Cijsouw, and Swetha Murali


BPDA members discuss how the NPA Annual Meeting provided a unique opportunity for Boston area postdoctoral leaders to form collaborations with other Boston area PDAs and learn from the many postdoctoral officers.

Scientists and the General Public: Overcoming the Language Barrier One Story at a Time

Hanaa Hariri


Hariri discusses science communication and reviews a book by Randy Olson about narrative in science.

Enhancing the Conference Experience with Social Media

Melissa Vaught


“For many professionals, conferences are a valuable venue for networking, communication, and career development. Increasingly social media platforms are becoming part of the conference experience.”

Standing at the Crossroads: Reflection and Anticipation

Tracy Costello


By sharing, I hope to inspire you to also reflect on your own experience, recognize what drives you, and catalyze your own individual growth.”

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