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International Postdoc Survival Guide

Are you dreaming of finding the perfect postdoctoral position in the United States of America but feel that you could benefit from guidance from international postdocs already in the USA?  Do you have visa-related questions?  Perhaps you are already in the USA and are now having problems obtaining a credit card?  The International Postdoc Survival Guide is a comprehensive  guide to enhance the experience of doing a postdoc in the USA for international postdocs.  It includes our visa guide, information on what it is critical to know before accepting a postdoctoral position, and much more!  Click HERE to check it out.

Other NPA Publications & Resources

The NPA continues to develop resources to support international postdocs working in the United States.

Other Recommended Resources

Mentoring International Postdocs: Working to Advance Science & Careers
An online module available from the federal Office of Research Integrity, developed by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, an NPA member institution.


EURAXESS Links is a networking tool for European researchers in the USA. Follow this link for more information on European researchers in the United States.

International Graduate Students: Conflicts between Security and Science in the Issuing of Visas
A slide presentation by John V. Richardson Jr., Ph.D., Associate Dean, UCLA Graduate Division 

Links to U.S. Government Sites

Follow this link to the Department of Homeland Security website.

Find information about the Exchange Visitor Program on the Department of State website.

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