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The I $upport Postdocs Campaign
is now in progress!

The campaign will begin on April 1 and
will run through July 31.

Follow this link to donate online.



The "I $upport Postdocs" campaign seeks contributions from all National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) members, friends of the postdoctoral community, and friends of the NPA to advocate for, develop resources, as well as form connections with industry, government, universities, and societies for the advancement of our postdocs.

Support the "I $upport Postdocs" campaign because the NPA is your national voice for the postdoctoral experience!

Your contributions help the NPA to:

  • Develop programs and resources in support of postdoctoral offices and postdoctoral associations
  • Provide and mentoring opportunities for postdocs
  • Create opportunities for the postdoctoral community to connect
  • Provide career and professional development resources and opportunities
  • Advocate for fair and equitable policies and practices for postdocs

For every $20 donated you will receive an "I $upport Postdocs" button. Supporters that donate over $25 will be entered to win one of three raffle prizes from the NPA. Thank you for your support!


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