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Buffalo Team VisitWelcome to the NPA Team Visit Program homepage. This is an initiative established by the NPA to encourage Sustaining Member Postdoctoral Offices (PDOs) and Postdoctoral Associations (PDAs) to request direct assistance from the NPA in their establishment, organizational development and continued operations.

The Team Visit provides individualized consultation to NPA Sustaining Members at their home institution.  The "Team" consists of NPA-approved experts with knowledge and experience in the areas requested by the hosting PDO/PDA. Team Visits can provide advice on any aspect of setting-up and developing your postdoctoral programs and services. An advantage of "on-site" assistance is that a range of stakeholders at your institution can participate in and benefit from the visit. For additional information and benefits, see the Team Visit Program Description.

Who May Apply

The Team Visit Program is available to all NPA Sustaining Member Postdoc Offices (PDO) and Associations (PDA) that would like advice or assistance in establishing or enhancing their postdoctoral programs and services. Team Visits may require cost-sharing on the part of the host.

If you are interested in establishing a PDO or PDA at your institution, but you and your institution are not yet members of the NPA, the NPA would like to help.  Please contact us.

How To Apply

Applications may be submitted at any time.  The primary intent of the application is for you to articulate your goals and desired outcomes for the Team Visit, keeping in mind what may reasonably be accomplished over the course of a few days.  It should include an overview of the current situation for your postdoctoral office and/or association as well as a description of the format of Team Visit you think would be most effective in serving your goals (see below for suggestions). As you prepare your application, we encourage you to discuss your plans with your counterpart PDO or PDA, if applicable, and to consider ways that your postdoc population may also benefit from the visit. The more concrete you can be in your application, the more productive the visit will be. Upon award, the Team Visit coordinator will then work with you to refine an agenda, plan the logistics and identify experts for the team that best suit your needs.


How to Submit: Completed applications may be e-mailed to the NPA Executive Director or mailed to: National Postdoctoral Association, 1200 New York Ave NW, Suite, 956, Washington, DC 20005.

Team Visit Formats

Team Visits have taken a variety of formats.  See the menu of options for an overview of the various formats.

If you are unsure which format would be most constructive for your PDO/PDA, a short self-assessment is available to download:Team Visit Worksheet. This PDO/PDA Worksheet asks a series of questions designed to lead a PDO/PDA through the types of issues that are most easily addressed using each different type of Team Visit format.

To learn more about previous Team Visits that have already been conducted, download a table with details on locations, formats and other details:Team Visit Calendar. See also recent articles in the NPA Newsletter, the POSTDOCket, on Team Visits to the University of Utah (Winter 2007, Volume 5, Issue-1, pg. 9); University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (Summer 2008, Volume 6, Issue 3, pg. 5); and the University Health Network in Toronto (Fall 2008, Volume 6, Issue 4, pg. 5).

For Your Reference

Team Visit Worksheet

Team Visit Application

Team Visit Format Menu of Options

Team Visit Program Description

Team Viisit Calendar

For more information on the Team Visit Program, contact NPA Staff.

If you are not an individual member of the NPA, and your home institution is not a member of the NPA, but you are interested in working to start a PDA or a PDO at your institution, the NPA would like to help. Please contact us.


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