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As a Sustaining Member you receive all of these great benefits:


Free Affiliate Membership National Representation
Subscriptions Free Promotion
Access to Members-Only Content Networking Opportunities
Discounts on Publications and Other Products Annual Meeting Discounts
Professional & Leadership Development Technical Assistance (including team visits, help with postdoc and visiting scholars benefits, and visa issues)
Contribute your Ideas Voting Representation


Free Affiliate Membership for All Individuals at Your Institution

When your research institution becomes a Sustaining Member of the NPA, any interested individual affiliated with your institution may join the NPA for free as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate Members are entitled to free subscriptions and access to members-only Web content. (Note: Professional societies may have up to five Affiliate memberships.)

To become an Affiliate Member, eligible individuals need to create a profile on our online community using their institutional e-mail.  For full instructions, click here.



With the two NPA publications NPA e-alerts, a periodic e-mail news announcement, and the POSTDOCket, the NPA’s official quarterly newsletter, you can stay informed on current postdoc issues.


Access to Members-Only Content

Your NPA membership gives you access to members-only web content such as the Sustaining Members Toolkit, The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Toolkit, and the Quick Guide to Visas. The NPA is currently working on the development of resources for faculty and on other resources.


Discounts on Publications and Other Products

As the primary contact for your institution, you are entitled to discounts on Lab Essentials publications from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and on Current Protocols from John Wiley & Sons. Other discounts include: legal services, Zip Cars, Stuffbak, and joint membership with AAAS/Science for postdocs at your institution. Look for new discounts as the NPA pursues additional corporate partners. Learn more...


Professional & Leadership Development

Not only is the NPA a valuable resource on postdoctoral issues, it is also a resource for professional and leadership development. The NPA provides these resources online and printed copies can be sent to you upon request. We also have opportunities to further develop your professional and leadership skills by serving on any of our membership committees or running for a seat on the Board of Directors.


Contribute Your Ideas

The NPA welcomes your thoughts and ideas.Please forward your suggestions and feedback at anytime by our online form, by e-mail, or by phone at (202) 326-6424.


National Representation 

With your membership, we can be your voice and forward the postdoctoral agenda at the national level. Follow this link to read more about our efforts on your behalf.


Free Promotion

The NPA provides multiple opportunities to promote your organization.These opportunities include, but are not limited to, a direct link from the NPA website to your website and recognition in the POSTDOCket.If you have a story idea, contact us and we will forward your idea to the POSTDOCket editor.


Networking Opportunities

You can connect with your colleagues from over 190 other Sustaining organizations at the Annual Meeting and also via the NPA Membership Community. The NPA moderates this community so you are free to interact and exchange ideas without receiving SPAM and unsolicited e-mails.


Annual Meeting Discounts

The NPA hosts its national meeting every spring.  The primary contact for your institution is eligible for the member registration rate. Discounted rates are also offered to Affiliate Members and may vary each year. Since 2009, Affiliate Members have received the same discount as Full Members.  For details, please visit NPA Annual Meetings.


Technical Assistance

Team Visits

The NPA wants to assist you as you address postdoctoral issues at your organization.We can develop a technical assistance program specific to your unique needs at a low or no cost to Sustaining Members.Sustaining Members with or in the process of developing Postdoctoral Offices (PDOs) and Postdoctoral Associations (PDAs) can receive on-site technical assistance through the NPA’s Team Visit Program. For more information on this service, visit the Team Visit Program page or contact the NPA Executive Director.


As part of our technical assistance program, we have formed partnerships with organizations that want to assist you in supporting postdocs, including Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. (GPA), who are experts at providing and administering equitable postdoc benefits, and Leavy, Frank& Delaney, LLC, who provide legal seminars for international postdocs free of charge to NPA Sustaining Members.

Garnett-Powers & Associates also offers benefit plans for Visiting Scholars. Most campuses have Visiting Scholars or Visiting Academics, spending anywhere from one month to more than a year, contributing to the host campus' intellectual and research endeavors. While the Visiting Scholar is in the United States, they must maintain a minimum amount of medical insurance to satisfy the J1 Visa requirement. Though many Visiting Scholars do bring sufficient medical insurance coverage for their stay from their home country, many do not, and consequently are required to purchase insurance for themselves and their family members.GPA offers Visiting Scholar benefit plans at competitive pricing. Domestic Scholars may participate in these plans as well. Please contact Steve Johnson at GPA for further information at 1-877-559-9922 ext. 403.

Read more about what our partners offer:
Garnett-Powers Health Insurance Plans
Legal Seminars for International Postdocs (free of charge)


Voting Representation

Through your designated representative, you can vote in all elections and ballot issues.


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Phone: 202.326.6424 * Fax: 202.371.9849