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The NPA welcomes the involvement of administrators and faculty in all of its programs and activities. Faculty play a central role in many aspects of the postdoctoral experience, as do administrators at research institutions. To assist administrators and faculty in addressing postdoctoral training issues, the NPA has developed a library of resources:

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Career Development Resources

  • Career Advising and Counseling
    With the varied levels of interest, experience and career goals that postdocs may have, it is often hard to assess the needs of the individual. A one-on-one career advice and counseling service may be an appropriate idea for an institution to consider.

  • Organizing Career Development Workshops
    Career workshops are an excellent means of getting good career information and advice to postdocs en masse, and work well to complement the one-on-one career advice amd counseling approach.

  • Conducting Career and Job Fairs
    On a somewhat larger scale than a workshop series, a career fair or symposium is a chance for postdocs to interact one-on-one with potential employers, and gather information directly from them as to the requirements for future and currently-available positions. They can also be organised in conjunction with sessions offered in a workshop-style format. Using this format, postdocs get a chance to discuss aspects of their future careers, and gather information about the skills required to succeed.

Mentoring Resources




  • Mentoring for the Postdoctoral Fellow by Jonathan Wiest

  • Producing Results: Effective Management and Mentoring in Academic Labs
    An article by Grace Gray from AWIS Magazine 29 (no. 1 Winter 2000): 14-18. Available to AWIS members only.

  • Does Adviser Mentoring Add Value?
    An article by Paglis, Green, and Bauer published in Research in Higher Education 47 (no. 6, June 2006). Available by subscription or paid order.

  • On the Right Track: A Manual for Research Mentors
    Available for purchase from the Council of Graduate Schools.

  • Nature’s Guide for Mentors
    A guide on mentoring from Nature: Lee, A., Dennis, C., and Campbell, P. (2007) "Nature’s guide for mentors." Nature 447: 791-797.


Other Recommended Resources


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