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The 2013 Every Member Campaign
is now in progress!

The campaign began on March 15 and
will run through September 30.

Donate and you will be automatically entered in up to three raffles for $100 gift cards. Drawings will
take place on June 5, Aug. 7, and Oct. 9.*
* The earlier you give, the greater your chances of winning.
You can only win once.

Follow this link to donate online.


 Over one decade ago, the National Postdoctoral Association was founded to support YOU:

-Postdoc association leaders with a passion to make change at their home institutions;
-Postdoc administrators who support the next generation of groundbreaking research;
-Mentors with an exceptional dedication to the careers and success of their trainees.

This is how we've made change. This is how we'll continue to make change.

In 2012, in celebration of ten years of service to the postdoctoral community, the NPA launched the Every Member Campaign to seek contributions from as many members as possible in support of that community. Thanks to the generosity of those who contributed, over $11,000 was raised in support of NPA operations. Your support with a donation this year will help us to continue our work to improve the postdoctoral experience.   For example, our work has played a significant role in the recent increases in NIH training stipends; most recently, the President's 2014 budget includes raising the entry-level stipends by 7% in 2014, to $42,000. 

Did you know?

Membership fees only cover about 25% of the cost of operating the NPA.  We rely heavily upon grant funding and the generosity of our supporters for the support that allows us to work on behalf of postdocs.

Your support strengthens our voice!

Your donation will help to:

-Enable our growth
-Improve member support
-Strengthen our programming
-Ensure our continued success.

Why should you support the NPA?

Since its founding in 2003, the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) has made great strides on behalf of the postdoctoral community. Today, the NPA has more than 3,500 registered individual members and nearly 190 institutional members that represent more than 60,000 postdoctoral scholars. Follow this link to read about the NPA's major accomplishments to date.

The work of the NPA has just begun. Your support will sustain our efforts.

Thank you for your support!


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