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The NPA is committed to addressing the issues and special needs of the International Postdoc community. To assist in this effort, the NPA created the position of International Officer. The International Officer is the primary resource and expert advisor for the NPA Board of Directors, the staff, and committees. If you have interest in immigration policy, tax law, visa issues, or other matters affecting international postdocs, please contact the International Officers.

The specific responsibilities of the NPA International Officer include the following:

  • Assist in the development and maintenance of NPA resources for international postdocs
  • Advocate for the interests of international postdocs training in the US
  • Maintain and expand relationships with federal agencies and national organizations that have an interest in international postdoctoral policies
  • Monitor external policies and developments on international issues of concern to the postdoctoral community
  • Address public inquiries about the NPA's policies and recommended practices for international postdocs

Meet the International Officer

ClaireHuBWClaire Hu, M.Ac.
International Officer

Claire Hu, M.Ac., is the International Appointments Manager at Princeton University, where she liaises postdoctoral affairs, orienting postdocs and coordinating available resources. She also manages overseas appointments, delivering training and guidance on international matters for the University. Hu is a Certified Public Accountant and draws from her experience advising global corporations on complex international assignments.


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