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NPA Committees and Officers are the heart of the NPA. The Committees initiate and generate the ideas, resources, and tools most useful for the postdoctoral community.


Advocacy Committee
Addresses all advocacy and policy issues relating to and affecting the postdoctoral community (includes but not limited to general policy, diversity, and international postdoc issues).

Meetings Committee
Plans and organizes the NPA Annual Meeting as well as regional meetings and seminars.


Outreach Committee
Promotes the mission, values, goals, and
business objectives of the NPA.

Resource Development Committee
Develops of tools and resources for the postdoctoral community (website and POSTDOCket)



Diversity Officers
Work with all of the committees to promote organization-wide awareness of diversity issues and the practice of inclusion at every level.


International Officers
Work with all of the committees to provide support of international postdoctoral scholars.


Want to Get Involved?

How can you improve postdoctoral training with the NPA? If you are a person who wants to take action now, join a committee. If you want to help guide the NPA’s decisions, get to know the organization by joining a committee.

We seek interested and dedicated individuals who are willing to volunteer 3-10 hours/month. If a committee piques your interest, contact one of the leaders.

Not certain which committee to join? Contact us to share your interest with us, and we will put you in touch with the appropriate committee leaders. Or, complete the volunteer interest survey by following the link inserted below.

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